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Evolved Digital Diagnostics

Tento Diagnostics works with medical establishments, such as diagnostic laboratories and clinics, to carry out rapid testing and share the results with the end user. Tento Diagnostics utilises blockchain technology to ensure that data leaving medical premises reaches the end user in a fully secure and privacy compliant manner.
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Real Time Verification Of Health Data

Tento Authenticator verifies the health credentials presented by the user from their Tento Wallet. This could be a recent medical test result either from Tento Health or another certified test supplier. The authenticator will confirm that a test result is as it should be and belongs to the user presenting it.
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Take Control of Your Health Records

Tento Wallet is an app for securely storing health information including medical test certificates. The user chooses exactly what information they want to keep in their wallet. The app utilises decentralised blockchain technology, meaning that all information is cryptographically hashed, keeping data ultra secure. Test certificates can be shared from the wallet and validated from over two metres away when required.
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Trust Tento to Test

Providing World Health Organisation (WHO) approved, Emergency Use Listing (EUL) Rapid Antigen tests. Tento Health also offers a range of other highly accurate COVID-19 testing kits from leading manufacturers and we have the ability to rapidly respond to business and government needs for test kits.
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We work with leading companies to make World Health Organisation (WHO) approved test kits accessible

Making a Difference Together

Tento Health issues its own medical certificate to validate your medical test results. It is also fully compatible with third-party medical certificates, issued by Authorised Health Entities.
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Built using decentralised blockchain technology, with privacy and security as our number one priority.

Travel & Tourism
Restoring confidence to both organisations and individuals, and allowing them to resume travel and business in a safe manner.
Ensuring that the most vulnerable members of society and key workers are kept safe and healthy.
Education & Childcare
Protecting the leaders of the future by safeguarding schools, students, educators and staff.
Empowering social interactions by making testing accessible.


If you're an organisation looking for the top of the line testing kits and/or effective medical technology solutions to keep you safe, we can help
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