TENTO DIAGNOSTICS™️ works with medical establishments, such as diagnostic laboratories and clinics, to carry out rapid testing and share the results with the end user.  TENTO DIAGNOSTICS™️ provides blockchain technology to ensure that data leaving medical premises reaches the end user in a fully secure and privacy compliant  manner.

TENTO WALLET™️ is a secure and private digital health wallet, where a  person can store their medical information such as their medical test records. The TENTO WALLET™️ can also be the place to keep other records. The user decides what they want to put into their digital health wallet.

TENTO AUTHENTICATOR™️ verifies the health credentials presented by the user from their TENTO WALLET™️. For example, this could be a recent medical test result either from TENTO HEALTH™️ or another authorised test supplier. The authenticator will confirm that a test result is as it should be and belongs to the user presenting it.

TENTO HEALTH™️ is Digital Health Identification Wallet, with self sovereign identity. Which allows individuals to have complete control over how their personal information is kept and used.

TENTO HEALTH™️ Gives the world the confidence to move forward.

TENTO WALLET™️ is built using decentralised technology with privacy embedded-using blockchain technology, military encryption codes and double authorisation to assure User Data Protection.

TENTO HEALTH™ protects privacy rights, and is GDPR Compliant.

TENTO HEALTH™️ offers-its own medical certificate to validate your medical test results if you require it. It is also fully compatible with third-party medical certificates-issued by Authorised Health Entities.

Authorised Health Certificates can be uploaded securely to your TENTO WALLET™️ and shared when required.