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Tento Health is a fully integrated solution that utilises decentralised technology to ensure a completely incorruptible setup. At the heart of our approach sits arguably the world’s most secure, permission-based digital health wallet, built to verify and authenticate health credentials. Tento Authenticator verifies the health credentials presented by the user from their Tento Wallet.  For example, this could be a medical test certificate from Tento Health or another authorised health entity. The authenticator will confirm that the test result is as it should be and belongs to the user presenting it.

When used for travel, the IATA Timatic integrated system also allows users to quickly enter their details and answer configurable questions to self-declare their COVID-19 status. By default, our system is supported by both iOS and Android.
Real Time Verification of Health Data
The Tento Wallet generates a unique roaming QR code which allows the Tento Authenticator to scan the code from over two metres away.  It verifies the test certificate that has been generated through the Tento Wallet app. 

How it works

1.A Tento Wallet user creates a roaming unique QR code.
2.A Tento Authenticator scans the QR Code from a safe distance.
3.A Medical Certificate will be generated outlining the results of the users recent test.
4.A Tento Authenticator either grants or denies access based on the results.
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Move Into The Future
For industries such as Travel, Hospitality, Leisure and Retail, who do not necessarily carry out their own testing and diagnostics, the Tento Authenticator provides an opportunity to resume operations in the ‘new normal’ by quickly checking a user’s current test status to validate their safe return to work, travel or other events. 

API integrations are also supported in our system, making it possible to integrate with other services, such as Lab LIS systems, Government reporting systems and wearable device applications. Making our products as dynamic as possible is critical, allowing the user to customise the data that they provide to each authority allows for efficient and accurate processing.