Diagnostics for the future
Tento Diagnostics can provide bespoke solutions to any business that is looking to digitise their testing facility. It was created to work with medical establishments, such as diagnostic laboratories and clinics carrying out COVID-19 testing. Such facilities must be able to share medical results with people in a quick and reliable way. Tento Health’s solutions are not limited to COVID-19 however, and will be able to be utilised for a huge range of use cases in the future.

Tento Diagnostics uses blockchain technology to offer medical professionals unrivalled data encryption in an accessible format, ensuring that all data leaving medical premises reaches the user in a fully secure and privacy compliant manner.
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Accelerating Digital Transformation
Built for governments and organisations wanting to mobilise mass scale connected diagnostic testing, Tento Diagnostics integrates with any diagnostic test, with all test data being anonymised. The diagnostics platform connects with existing medical laboratory information systems (LIS) and provides accurate and measurable predictive analytics which can assist with future disease outbreaks in their early stages.