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A pandemic mitigation platform which offers a contact track and trace solution that helps manage the spread of COVID-19, as well as prepares governments and businesses for the future. Users are protected via the applications advanced contact tracing and auto detection feature which uses Bluetooth technology and GPS. Tento Safe is currently helping governments and corporations save lives and has been a vital tool in making informed decisions to safeguard people from the virus.

Tento Safe will be available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores soon.
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Stay Safe Together
One of the platform's key features available to governments and businesses is the Digital Logbook. This enables organisations to create entry and exit points whether that be at the border of a country, an entrance to a building or venue or an outdoor space. This digitises paper based visitor booklets and is no different from what is used today. The Logbook is fully secure and enables the correct management of track and trace.

As a contact tracing system, the objectives of Tento Safe are as follows:

● To provide real-time monitoring of health conditions of registered users and the surrounding communities.
● To track the status and medical conditions of registered users.
● To establish a contactless community.
● To integrate with other application software designed and developed to monitor and mitigate novel corona-virus disease (COVID-19).