Trust Tento To Test
Tento Health considers testing as a key part of the solution to enable businesses and economies to safely operate again. We work with medical establishments, such as diagnostic laboratories and clinics, who carry out rapid testing. Working with medical testing companies means that we can offer a full solution package providing testing kits as well as our health tech solutions to safely and securely store medical data, authenticate test results, and speed up the recovery from COVID-19. We work with leading companies to make World Health Organisation (WHO) approved test kits accessible.
As a global distributor of COVID-19 testing kits, we have the ability to offer a secure health tech solution but can also provide businesses and governments with just the testing kits if that’s what they need. The global requirement for regular testing is only going to increase as we work to find ways of getting people safely back to living their lives. We only provide the most sensitive and accurate testing kits that offer an accuracy of over 96%.