Be In Control of Your Health Data
The Tento Wallet is a secure and private digital space where a person can store their health information and medical test results.  Think of it as a modern version of a vaccination booklet where the wallet holder has full control over what they want to  include.  All information in the wallet is cryptographically hashed, which means the data is ultra secure. Test certificates can be shared from the wallet and authenticated from over two metres away when required.

Information in the wallet can only be accessed with the wallet holder’s permission; they are the custodian of their own data. A user doesn’t have to worry about someone getting hold of their data. There is nothing to take as all the information is hashed into sequences of numbers and letters.
Changing Healthcare For Good
Global health changes have meant that the world must look at new ways of interacting. People could be engaging with technology in ways that are new to them and it is of vital importance that health data is managed and stored in a format that can be trusted. This is why Tento Wallet utilises decentralised blockchain technology with privacy embedded. Military grade encryption codes are a part of the design as well as double authorisation procedures to assure user data protection. The wallet holder is always in charge of what they want to share. They are the custodians of their own data.
How It Works
1. Download the Tento Wallet app from the Android or iOS stores.
2. Create a profile and securely store your data on your device.
3. Validate your profile.
4. Get tested and ensure your test results are sent to your Tento Wallet.
5. Generate a roaming unique QR code when required.
6. Show your medical certificate to a Tento Authenticator.
7. Your medical certificate will then be verified showing your test results.